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    Quote of the Week basics
    from Bob Avakian

     "No more generations of our youth, here and all around the world, whose life is over, whose fate has been sealed, who have been condemned to an early death or a life of misery and brutality, whom the system has destined for oppression and oblivion even before they are born. I say no more of that."

    Bob Avakian
    Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
    BAsics 1:13


    A Talk by Sunsara Taylor

    Sunsara Taylor, 3/4/2012 from Revolution Books on Vimeo.


    Watch/listen to this powerful talk by Sunsara Taylor:

    "A Talk on the Occasion of International Women's Day:  "From the Expanding Porn Industry to the Aggressive Religious Patriarchs: End the Enslavement & Degradation of Women!"

    Join the movement to Stop Patriarchy! March 8 is International Women's Day. Speak out at work and at school. Post materials. Chalk.

    Join us at Revolution Books on Sunday, March 11 for an afternoon of sharing. Come having seen this talk. Let's talk about it and figure out how we're going to be part of this movement! Bring some food to share if you're able. 5-7 p.m.


    Welcome to 2012

    Fill a request for BAsics from a prisoner! 700 copies have been sent to prisoners, and 1,300 requests are still unfilled. Revolution Books Honolulu has fulfilled more than 80 requests. Buy a copy of BAsics for a friend (or for yourself if you haven't read it), and match it with a copy to a prisoner. Buy a copy at the store and we'll send it directly to a prisoner, or you can make a tax-deductible donation on-line at

    New Books...
    and some Favorites!

    Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal): Written with the future in mind, for a vastly different society and government than now exists. It sets forth a basic model, and fundamental principles and guidelines, for the nature and functioning of a vastly different society and government than now. If you have a friend who's moaning and groaning about the future, give them this to lift their sights!

    Sea of Poppies, by Amitav Ghosh. This is a saga about a ship that sails across the Indian Ocean shortly before the outbreak of the Opium Wars in China. The cast is a diverse group of Indians and Westerners. A historical adventure that is made more complex by issues of race and class.

    About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War, featuring voices from the Courage to Resist Audio Project. "When new soldiers swear to support and defend the U.S. Constitution by following lawful orders, what are they to do when they are given unlawful orders? About Face provides raw examples of precisely what soldiers are doing who take their oath seriously." [From a review by Dahr Jamail]

    BDS: Boycott - Divestment - Sanctions. The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights, by Omar Barghouti. "For the first time, we have in front of us a succinct and poignant case made for the BDS strategy vis-a-vis Israel...This is a must read for anyone interested in, and committed to, the Palestine cause, regardless of their particular stance on the BDS strategy." From a review by Ilan Pappe.

    Essays, by Wallace Shawn. This is a staff favorite. From a review by Michael Moore: "Shawn's essays are both powerful and riveting. How rare to encounter someone willing to question the assumptions of class and the disparity of wealth that grows wider every year in this country. To have such a gentle and incisive soul willing to say what others may be afraid to is considerably refreshing." And by Toni Morrison: "Lovely, hilarious, and seriously thought provoking."

    Leche, by R. Zamora Linmark. "Leche is a combustible comedy, a nightmare, a fever dream that with humor and horror somehow captures the fractured Philippine identity. Eye-opening hilarious, and relentlessly seductive. Linmark's newest novel holds the reader until the very last page." From a review by Sabina Murray

    Walking With the Comrades by Arundhati Roy. After being challenged for her unsubstantiated negative remarks against the a Maoist Rebel Group in India in her book, "Field Notes on a Democracy", Arundhati Roy spent several weeks traveling with them through the deep forests. In this book she chronicles the weeks she spent living with the forest guerillas resisting assaults by the Indian government and concluded that governmnent soldiers are committing "unspeakable atrocities daily". A fascinating read, and further exposure of the crimes of global capitalism.

    The Kitchen House, a novel by Kathleen Grissom. Alice Walker's review of this book says: "I recommend The Kitchen House. This novel, like 'The Help' does important work." It tells the story of a young, white Irish woman who comes to the south as an indentured servant.

    What We Leave Behind, by Derrick Jensen and Aric McBay. From a review by the late Howard Zinn: "Reading What We Leave Behind makes me think of Thoreau, of Lewis Mumford, of Tolstoy, who asked us to rethink our most deeply embedded beliefs in order to live clean, modest, thoughtful lives, to return to that natural world we have forsaken. Jensen and McBay are those rare thinkers who challenge all the accepted norms of habits of 'civilizaiton' and ask us to get back to our naked selves."

    No Ordinary Deal: Unmasking the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement, edited by Jane Kelsey. For those looking for an understanding of APEC's proposed Transpacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP), this raises questions about the political future of independent nations, about sovereignty, democracy and indigenous self-determination, and, above all, the people's right to know what governments are doing. A rigorous read, but divided into bite-sized pieces.

    The week of January 9-13 will be the first week of the UH Spring semester and will be insanely busy. We need volunteers to help... no experience needed!  Please call the store if you can volunteer. The number is 944-3106.


    BA Everywhere... Imagine the Difference It Could Make

    As part of the new national campaign: BA Everywhere... Imagine the Difference It Could Make, we want to let you know about this online fundraising campaign to raise $23,000 by Monday, December 12.

    April 2011 marked the release of BAsics, a book by Bob Avakian, the revolutionary leader who has developed a new synthesis of communism. On this occasion, a range of artists, musicians, dancers and actors from a diversity of perspectives came together in a unique cultural event to celebrate revolution and the vision of a new world.

    This film will tell the story of what those artists did and why they did it. It will bring a taste of the remarkable connection between these artists and the hundreds in the audience that night. For everyone who has dreamed of a different and better world or wondered how art and culture can be part of creating it, this is a film that needs to be seen.

    But it won't be made without your support.

    Right now, you can make all the difference by doing these TWO things:

    1. Make a tax-deductible contribution at Contributions at any level matter -- from $10 to $5,000.  

    2. Be part of the next two ONLINE TUESDAYS. Tuesday is the best day for online fundraising. Send emails about this to all your friends and family, post via Twitter and Facebook. Share the trailer, forward this message, favorite the page and link to the campaign:


    Anti-APEC shirts screened by "Eating in Public" available NOW!

    We just received our first delivery of newly silk-screened shirts reading "APEC Sucks," "Welcome APEC, Welcome Pilau," "Welcome APEC, Welcome Poverty" and more! They're screened on used shirts and they're in every color and style. And they're free to anyone who will wear them! Stop by the store to pick yours up now. Imagine hundreds of students and faculty wearing this T-shirt on campus (or at your church, workplace or club). That alone will help change the conversation. 


    As seen in the Honolulu Weekly

    Revolution Books
    by Jessie Schiewe
    Honolulu Weekly, May 11-17, 2011

    Just because this bookstore specializes in left-wing literature (i.e. communism, socialism, civil rights, etc.) doesn't mean that's all they sell.  In fact, Revolution Books has one of the most varied selections on O`ahu, featuring both new and used books in subjects ranging from poetry to local Hawaiian fiction to military history.  Politics, however, is their specialty, reflected in the subdivision of genres like Chinese politics from 1950-1975, Marxist classics and the Bush years.  The used book section has works from notable authors on both non-fiction and fiction subjects, and they cost only $1 or $2, depending on the size.

    Bottom Line: Revolution Books is an intellectual's bookstore.  The selection might not be the largest on the island, but it sure features the best of the best in each subject.

    Revolution Books, 2626 S. King Street
    12-6pm (Mon.-Sun.) 944-3106