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    Quote of the Week basics
    from Bob Avakian

     "No more generations of our youth, here and all around the world, whose life is over, whose fate has been sealed, who have been condemned to an early death or a life of misery and brutality, whom the system has destined for oppression and oblivion even before they are born. I say no more of that."

    Bob Avakian
    Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
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    And to all the dreamers,

    you are not the only one.

    This year...


    Revolution Books Hawai`i is proud to be part of a network of independently operated stores that are determined to bring a radically different future into being. Help us be an oasis in Honolulu that is scientific and poetic, wrangling and visionary –– alive with a defiant spirit that refuses to accept that the horrors of today's world have to be. Support Revolution Books!

    NGUGI WA THIONG`O, commenting on Revolution Books NYC: "I think what's so beautiful and wonderful about Revolution Books is that even when you close your eyes and go to any of the shelves here and pick any one of the books, it is likely that it will contain the kind of dreams that Martin Carter was talking about when he said, 'And so if you see me looking in your hand, listening when you speak, marching in your ranks, you must know, 'I do not sleep to dream, but dream to change the world.' "

    --NGUGI WA THIONG'O novelist, playwright, literary theorist (Dreams in a Time of War; Wizard of the Crow; Decolonizing the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature), former political prisoner in Kenya, professor of Comparative Literature, Univ of California.


    Take a Radical Step Into the Future!

    Get your copy of the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal)! We have copies at the store and it is also available on-line. Dig into it. Grapple with what it says. Come to Revolution Books to discuss it. Send your comments to us on-line, or write directly to Revolution Newspaper.

    As the website for Revolution Newspaper, says, this Constitution is a "Radical Step Into the Future"

    "There is great potential for the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) to impact and inspire a very wide range of people, including those who burn with the desire for a better world, but who will have differences or questions about aspects of this Constitution, or even the basic thrust of it. Getting this way out into the world should, and will, spark all-round debate and ferment over how we live today, and how we could live tomorrow."

    Be part of the discussion!


    Revolution Books serves faculty & students


    “We want a world where profit is not above people,” said Hadfield, “I would like for students to be challenged, and question what they’ve been taught. Think critically... We are going to fight for it to the last, that’s for sure.”

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